Real Ale & Music Sat 22 Sep Toft House JON STRONG BAND + PETE DAVIES

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Real Ale & Music Sat 22 Sep Toft House JON STRONG BAND + PETE DAVIES

£8 (adv - ticket reservations from  Leigh £10 (door)

THE JON STRONG BAND played Toft House in December 2017 and they provided a mind-blowing evening for all in attendance. The incredible musicianship, masterful song writing skills, passionate performance and perfect sound left the audience wanting more. The only reasonable thing to do was to book them once again at the earliest opportunity.

Jon Strong is a phenomenally good guitar player and has toured with many famous artists including Ry Cooder, Van Morrison and Robert Palmer. After many years gigging around Europe and the UK, his band have built a loyal fan base and achieved much critical acclaim as one of the tightest three-piece bands on the scene.

Upon receiving a copy of their last album “Honest Soldier”, Radio 6 presenter and punk legend Tom Robinson said: “If this came out with the name Peter Gabriel on the cover you can bet it would be hailed as a major artistic renaissance for a world class songwriter. If it came out with an unknown band name and a picture of a bunch of distrait-looking youths from Bristol on the sleeve, it'd probably win the Mercury Prize. Listening to music as good as this on an Own Label CD-R makes me want to weep with frustration at sheer idiocy of the business we're in”.

PETE DAVIES was an integral part of that gig last year and has never failed to please in all his appearances at Toft House. His last album, “Long Way Home” was an incredible achievement that won accolades from as far away as Canada. I can’t wait for the next one! Pete’s intelligent and heart felt songs are bound to kick off the evening in fine style.

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