Champion Beer of Britain

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Champion Beer of Britain

At the Great British Beer Festival in August Siren Brewery from Berkshire won CAMRA's highest accolade for beer with their Broken Dream Breakfast Stout winning the Gold Award.

The first stage to winning this prestigious award is CAMRA branch members voting for beers within their own region, in our case, North East & Yorkshire. Voting for members opened on 1st September but following some IT issues voting was suspended. The voting portal has now reopened and is open until midnight on 15th November; members can login into the CBoB website using their member login details.

Upon collating the results judging then takes place for the 11 categories for the competition: Milds; Bitter; Best Bitters; Strong Bitters; Golden Ales; Specialiity Beers; Old Ales and Strong Milds; Porters; Stouts; Barley Wines and Strong Old Ales; and Real Ales in a Bottle at various CAMRA run beer festivals across the region. The winners of these competitions then progress forward to the final judging at the Great British Beer Festival at Olympia.

Once they have logged into the website members can then:

  • " Nominate up to five beers, in order of preference, in each of the eleven categories to be put forward for the CBOB competition.

  • " If you want to vote for fewer beers than five that is permitted.

  • " You do not have to nominate all the beers in one go. You can alter your selections anytime up to 15 November.

  • " Not all beers are eligible for CBOB, mainstream beer styles like Bitters, Best Bitters, and Strong Bitters & Golden Ales have to be available for at least 7 months of the year. Other beer styles have to be available for a lesser period depending on the rarity of the beer style.

Please can I urge all members to vote and play an active part in CAMRA's Champion Beer of Britain competition.

There is a dedicated website for members to submit their votes that members should have been notified of via Email from Nick Boley the director responsible for CBOB. Should members not have received this Email please contact Stewart Campbell, Regional CBOB Coordinator at


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