Black Dog's beers, (Whitby Abbey, 3.8% ABV; Schooner, 4.2% ABV; Rhatas, 4.6% ABV), are currently brewed under contract by Hambleton.

is the great great granddaddy of them all, opening in 1865. Had a bit of a chequered history throughout the latter part of the last century but is now in safe hands. However, and throughout, they continued to brew their flagship real ale, Strongarm, 4% ABV, and which even got a mention in Hansard for its quality.

Captain Cook.
Beers include Sunset, 4.1 ABV; Slipway, 4.2% ABV; Endeavour, 4.3% ABV; Black Porter, 4.4%ABV

Truefitt Started in Middlesbrough in 2012 producing Erimus Pale Ale, North Riding Bitter,Ayresome Angel; Ironopolis Stout and Mydilsburgh IPA.

North Yorkshire. Opened in Middlesbro in 1989 and moved to Pinchinthorpe Hall in 1998. All 18 ales are brewed organically. Favourites include Prior's Ale, 3.6% ABV; Flying Herbert, 4.7% ABV; Lord Lee's, 4.7% ABV. A special brew to celebrate Valentine's Day, Love Muscle, 4.0% ABV, was one of the first to sell out at the ARC beer festival, and still remains part of the Brewery's portfolio.

Redscar. Based at the Cleveland Hotel, Redcar, and opened in 2008, with plans for further expansion. A 2.5 barrel plant brews Sands, 4.2% ABV; Pier, 4.5% ABV; Rocks, 4.5% ABV; Beach 5% ABV.

Stokesley Wainstones. Our latest brewery and going great guns with Amber, 3.8% ABV; Sandstone, 4.0% ABV; Ironstone, 4.2% ABV; Jet 4.5% ABV

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