About Us - Cleveland CAMRA

The Cleveland Branch of the Campaign for Real Ale covers the area between Hartlepool and Robin Hood's Bay. Meetings are held bi-monthly with festival discussion taking place as appropriate but our emphasis is on trips and enjoyment. We hold 5 award ceremonies a year for the best pubs. We vote via the democratic beer score system for local entries to the prestigious and authoritative Good Beer Guide [870pp, annually, Sept] Our trips are open to all members and anyone who is interested in beer and enjoying themselves in some top-rated Inns often in areas where you cant easily get to in the evening. Stocton Beer Festival

The rural areas and small towns in Cleveland offer an excellent selection of cask beers, Teesside pubs are converting to the Real Thing. Scarcely a week goes by without us finding a new 'gain'. There are 28 Good beer Guide entries in the North Yowkshire part of the Branch with 15 in our Northern Area [north of the river Tees]. We estimate there are some 230 Real Pubs and 15 clubs. While the number of pubs closing each week because of high rents and having to buy in expensive beer is a national disgrace, Real Beer pubs in our area are more than holding their own, offering as they do far more choice and quality of beer.

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