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Johnny Campbell has a fast, ruthless, uncompromising sound which lends its influences from far and wide. Johnny is also a humorous storyteller and recalls stories of touring from twenty countries and counting where he's plied his trade. Embracing traditional music from Europe and sometimes frantic Bluegrass style picking, Johnny performs mostly self-penned inspiring songs of protest, migration and debauchery.

After 90 gigs in 2018 in the UK, Netherlands, Germany, France, Austria, Slovenia, Slovakia, Czech Republic, Finland, Norway and The Faroe Islands, Johnny just can’t wait to get back to the Boro and Toft House.

''One of folk’s brightest rising stars'' Bright Young Folk ''Johnny's got the personality to compliment the courage of his convictions'' The Living Tradition ''The recurring theme of forced migration, caused by war or by needing work runs through the album. This enhances the recording which has a real feel of the field recordings made by collectors of early folk song.'' Fatea Magazine "Johnny Campbell has pulled together a remarkable number of styles and subjects to create this record and it all works. It’s an album I could keep on repeat." ''An album of virtuousness, Avalon invokes a spirit of nobility and respectability to which we should all play to.'' Liverpool Sound & Vision ''If you’re a fan of traditional folk music and folk singer’s like Christy Moore and Paul Brady then you will love this record.'' London Celtic Punks

The Woven Project are a lo-fi, acoustic and experimental outfit with elements of a folk influence. Formed in March 2009 initially as a duo, the band multiplied fourfold to consist of seven members, producing melancholic laments from the heart. Now back after a four and half year hiatus as just a two piece with a canon of new material for your listening pleasure. “Pillows are essential”. This is their tenth anniversary gig. Brian Batey (Vocals) / Brian Barnes (Accordian, Piano, Synth, Effects)

Parissa Zarifi is a very talented multi-instrumentalist with a gorgeous voice. Describing herself as “a community musician”, she has been building up a great reputation at local venues and we are very pleased to welcome her to her first gig at Toft House.

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Category: Real Ale & Music
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It’s not so unusual around Teesside today to find people who were originally involved in the expanding interest for Folk and Blues music back in the 1960s, who are not only around the local scene but still playing too! Eddie Walker and Frank Porter are two very old hands then who teamed up out of their mutual interest for acoustic guitar picking and choice repertoire after meeting at Eston Folk Club at The Cleveland Bay. Frank was to go on to join the Teesside Fettlers in probably their most successful line-up and Eddie eventually turned to full-time music-making in 1979.

In between times from that first relatively short incarnation of the duo these two guys have kept in touch and even played gigs together on and off at the White Swan, Stokesley, where for many years Eddie had an annual show at Xmas time for close friends and family and Frank would join him on bass fiddle. In 1981 Frank contributed guitar and bass on several tracks for Eddie’s second LP, Castle Café.

In 2013 Eddie came off the full-time touring circuit, that during his 35 years playing professionally had taken him as far away as New Zealand and Hong Kong and all across Europe and Britain. He had a successful relationship with the great Welsh guitarist John James in their band Carolina Shout! that lasted over 7 years and he has toured more recently with the Scots harmonica virtuoso Fraser Speirs, after Fraser finished his 2 year stint in Paolo Nutini’s band. After recording tracks on Paolo’s #1 album Sunny Side Up he did a whole CD with Eddie called Red Shoes & Blues that is available now.

Frank and Eddie’s repertoire draws from the earlier years of the 20th Century covering many different vocal and instrumental styles that the guys have adapted for two acoustic guitars, from Irvine Berlin to Django Reinhardt, Ragtime to Bluegrass, Country Blues to Western Swing and Hillbilly Folk, novelty tunes and Eddie’s own songs and instrumental pieces. Deadly serious about music for sure they find it hard to be anything other but humorous and entertaining with their presentation.

Special guest: DAN WALKER. Talent and a love of good music clearly runs in the Walker family. Dan is a professional musician, guitar tutor and promoter who studied music to masters’ level at the University of West London.

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